Each year millions of dollars are awarded by the federal government, non-profit and private foundations to individuals just like you. Our team of experts has created the ultimate resource to walk you through the funding process. Step-by-step instruction on researching, applying for and receiving funding has been consolidated in one resource package!

Money is available through many programs:

  •   financial assistance(does not require repayment)
  •   Loans
  •   Assistance Programs

Money is available to:

  •   Stop Foreclosure
  •   Purchase a New Home
  •   Start/Expand Business
  •   Fund Education
  •   Home Improvement
  •   And much, much more!

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3,250 New Funding Programs available!


NMG (National Media Group) helps individuals, businesses and non-profit entities in their search for funding. We specialize in locating funding opportunities such as funding programs, assistance programs, low interest loans and giveaways. Our products are designed to walk users through each step of the funding process. We teach clients how to locate available monies and design a winning application. Our knowledgeable research team spends hours locating funding opportunities so our clients don’t have to!


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Thousands of hours of research were put into the creation of the Global Assistance Program directory. You are about to have access to the most comprehensive tool for obtaining funding money available

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With Access to the National Media Group You Get:

  • Access to over 1,651 Federal Government Funding Programs.
  • Access to over 25,621 Private Foundation Funding Programs.
  • Access to State Government Funding Programs in each of the 50 States.
  • Access to Education Funding Resources throughout the United States and abroad.
  • Access to thousands of government funds programs providing assistance for home buying and ownership, home repair, small businesses, home improvement, land purchase, site preparation for housing, health, assistance and services for the unemployed, job training, federal employment, education, and much, much more.

Jane T.

"I love the web-site and very impressed. Since I joined I have spent a lot of time on the site. I have been searching for funding and find the National Media Group very easy to search. I am also impressed with the amount of information available. It's the best funding site I have found. Thank you!"

Mark Q.

"The National Media Group Directory is a user friendly site both for those with a good deal of funds experience or those new to the process. There is a lot of information available in the database, which arms you with the information needed to move forward. Many sites on the Internet claim to have comprehensive databases, but this is the real thing."

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There are so many funds, assistance programs, and other funding opportunities out there, just waiting to be tapped. We feel individuals should be able to take advantage of what is out there; information is power. So, a few years ago we began building the National Media Group database. It’s an ongoing process; we add and update opportunities daily. Our team scours thousands of resources to bring you the information you need in one, easy-to-access assistance and funds database. We want to eliminate your frustrations and save you your precious time. And, for those of you who still prefer to leave it entirely to the professionals, we offer our customized research service.